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Mr. Enrique Trevino

When George Tagle of Angelo's arrived at St. Margaret's Church in Pharr as The Diocesan Chamber Choir was having its dress rehearsal on the evening of April 22 - the day prior to the Texas State Convention of Catholic Daughters of the Americas, I gave the choir a break so I could practice with him. I started playing "I'm Your Mother" on the piano. As I played the intro, next thing, as soon as he started to sing the first phrase, I was transformed into another musical dimension I've never experienced. As the Chamber Choir sat and listened to this incredible voice fill up the entire church, I could feel their sense of wonder at his powerful yet gentle expressive voice.

As the convention days continued I had the pleasure of attending their rehearsals and jam sessions and just as after their concert at Holy Spirit Church in McAllen, they continued to jam at Bebra Perez's home as we celebrated their successful performance. I'm still mystified at how they were able to sing until 1:30 a.m. after an intense two-hour concert.

We sang oldies, and lots of Christmas carols as Jonathan Badon played guitar, and I told them that they should record a Christmas album and include O Holy Night since they sang it in perfect 4-part harmony... and of course without mistakes.

Their final performance at Cine El Rey Theater in downtown McAllen drew in a full house of standing ovations after popular romantic, and pop Italian, Spanish, American and Philippine songs. This popular concert location in the heart of the entertainment district of McAllen was the forte of all their performances in addition to others at Tico's Resturant,Our Lady of Sorrows Church, and St. Margaret Mary Church in Pharr on Mother's Day - bringing congregations to tears on their interpretation of Panis Angelicus, The Prayer, and Nessum Dorma, This Is The Moment, and You Raise Me Up.

The Angelos possess a unique blend of musical artistry rarely seen in a musical group. The colorful and vibrant diversity of four individual voices combine to bring about the expressive import of music with poetic and yet highly artistic finesse. George Tagle sings with profound volume and exactness of pitch with highly seasoned and sensitive romantic artistic expression. Louie Abaigar is the emotive heart and soul of the group. His lyrical phrasing is filled with intense passion and expression. Paolo Libran's high tenor voice penetrates like a ray of light illuminating from a crystal chandelier. The brilliance and purity of his expressive voice can also be likened to a fine wine that cannot be described with words, but only felt and tasted by the listener. Miguel Aguila, the youngest at only 14 yrs. old left me completely mystified. In my many years as a teacher of voice and recording studio coach, I have never heard an 8th grader with the vocal, musical, artistic maturity and refinement of such a young kid. How Miguel is able to memorize so many songs with all the highly complex musical, vocal and techincal demands is absolutely mind boggling and amazing. Yet his genius allows him to sing with the profound musical interpretation and complete artistic expression of any seasoned performer in Las Vegas.

The Angelos have an incredible future so long as they continue to provide audiences with wonder and awe in performances they've scheduled. I hope to see them reach new heights as the younger generation of IL Divo. These guys certainly have the magnetism to continue to draw large crowds. Bravo!

Concert Schedules

August 18, 2012
"Prism of Harmony"

July 7, 2012
The Angelos Concert
Skokie Chicago

June 30, 2012
La Salle Group
Washington, DC
Guest performer for Bernardo Bernardo's Concert
Baltimore, Maryland

June 29, 2012
Guests at the Philippine Ambassador's Residence, Washington D.C.

June 28, 2012
Meet and Greet at Filipino Fine Dining Restaurant (Lumpia, Pansit @ ibpa), Gaithersburg, MD

June 24, 2012
St. Stephen Church
Washington, DC

June 23, 2012
MHC's 7th Annual People's Ball, Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, Washington D.C.

June 17, 2012
SFO Phil Independence Day Gala Night in City Hall

June 15, 2012
St. Anne, Union City, SFO

June 9, 2012
Pinoy Fiesta, Toronto

May 25, 2012
Concert in Teatrino
8:00 pm

May 4, 2012
Meralco Theater
7:00 pm

February 26,2012
SM mall love month concert

February 24, 2012
VMA(Visayas Maritime Academy)
anniversary concert event, Bacolod city

February 23, 2012
Fundraising concert for Diocese of Bacolod
Bacolod Pavillion (convention center)

February 18,2012
Glorietta (c/o-Landmark)
Fr Fernando Suarez Healing mass 5pm

February 17,2012
Manila Peninsula
American Chamber of Commerce of the Phils.
Private luncheon event)

February 14, 2012
Guest performer of Valentine Concert
Mr. Engelbert Humperdinck
in Manila Hotel Fiesta Pavillion

February 12,2012
SM mall love month concert
SM Marikina (Atrium) 5pm

February 10,2012
SM mall love month concert
SM Fairview (Annex Atrium) 5pm

February 5, 2012
Airing of TV interview with Ms Cory Quirino
& song number - Studio 23 "Life without Border" 11am

February 4, 2012
Manila Hotel
Birthday concert of Fr. Suarez

December 16, 2011 Dept of Tourism project concert with MSO in Greenbelt

December 13, 2011
Cultural center of the Phils  Concert entitled Fuel for the Soul

December 10, 2011
Market Market, Ayala Mall

December  9, 2011
Festival Mall , Alabang

December  3, 2011
Market Market, Ayala Mall